Scope of application

This data privacy statement shall not be part of the general terms and conditions and shall apply for the online offer of DDL under the domain The data privacy provisions of DDL shall not apply for the online offers of other service providers.DDL reserves the right to change this data privacy statement at any time without advance notification.

Signing on/registration

Personal data are collected at signing on/registration of a user. These are the user's email address, the payment method chosen by the user and the associated data required for processing of the payment. The access data of the user are saved by DDL and not passed on to any third parties except where there is a statutory requirement to do so or the user has agreed to it.

Correspondence via contact form or email

The user is generally free to indicate fictitious data regarding his identity in correspondence. Where actions regarding the user's contract with DDL are required, DDL will require data to uniquely identify the user. If the correspondence by email or contact form is unencrypted, the correspondence will not be protected from unauthorised access.

Data storage regarding handling of DDL


Data saved, logged and processed in transactions with DDL that are automatically collected by our webservers at each access of the user to the websites/sub-pages of DDL specifically include the IP address of the user's computer that requested access, date and time including the associated file name and the data volume transferred as well as a status message about whether the request/access/call was completed successfully or not. To specifically protect our IT systems from abuse, the above information is saved for a short period of time. DDL reserves the right to anonymise the collected data and/or use them for statistical purposes.

Saving cookie's

ookies saved temporarily are used to facilitate operation by the user. This does not contain any personal information. temporary cookies are deleted at the end of the session or when exiting the browser and/or closing the website. To facilitate logging in for registered users, permanent cookies are saved as well.

The user has the right to take actions to prevent or block the storage of cookies, either by browser functions or by separate software. However, DDL expressly notes that the blocking of cookies may cause a restriction of use of the service of DDL or other service providers.

Fair use policy

Our Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure:

a. the availability of Our Services to all eligible DDL Customers; and

b. that the Fair Use Services are not used in an unreasonable manner.

We reserve the right to vary the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.

We may rely on the Fair Use Policy where Your usage of the Fair Use Services is unreasonable, as defined below.

Unless otherwise indicated, capitalised terms used in this Fair Use Policy have the meanings given to them in Our Agreement with You.